Ray Bilcliff Photography

Go Fund Me. I really do need a new camera, can you help?  I am  a UK pensioner who does not sell his work I prefer to give it freely to anyone who likes it. Now I need your help.

My photos may be used for personal wallpaper on your media device. They may also be used on a blog or website, it would be nice if you credited it to me as the photographer with the following link. Ray Bilcliff Photography so others may enjoy them also. OH. and if you would like to donate a coffee then send to. paypal.me/raybilcliff through PayPal. Or just click the Go Fund Me link above. And I really do thank you. 

                                                                 MOTHER  NATURE  WAS  THE  ARTIST.  I  JUST  TOOK  THE  PICTURES.

We live in a beautiful world. The more you appreciate and enjoy that beauty, the more beautiful it becomes. Beauty is impossible to define and at the same time impossible to ignore. You know what it is without having to learn. Beauty is much more than mere physical appearance. In fact, magnificent beauty can often be found in what appears to be plain and ordinary, when you explore it deeply enough.

Beauty can awe, inspire and astonish. Beauty can energize your spirit in ways that nothing else can. One of the nicest things you can do is to give yourself the time and space to simply take in the beauty that is around you. Beauty asks nothing more than to be treasured, and when you let yourself experience it, beauty has much to give. There is beauty stretching out in all directions. Take it in, absorb it, appreciate it, cherish it, and it will make you more than you are.

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